About us

Qualisoft founded in 1991 and incorporated as a part of RDC in 2013 is a 24 year old audit and technology firm. With several success stories in assessments, audits and automation, as a part of RDC, Qualisoft has diversified its portfolio while retaining its core strengths in audits and technology.

Today, Qualisoft is focusing on SME sector, providing technology and consulting services in different types of assessments and audits including, among others

  • Process
  • Energy
  • Security
  • Social
  • Financial
  • M&A

Qualisoft foray into technology is largely to use technology as an enabler to

  1. Primary business process automation leading to reduced paper work and better reporting
  2. Deriving business benefits from such automation and taking full value from international standards.
  3. Ensuring audit compliance become a profit centre rather than an overhead.

Qualisoft understands that SMEs have peculiar needs, different levels of affordability with high potential and promoter aspirations of high growth. All its services are tailored to meet such expectations in such a way that no company is left out.