Qualisoft Textile Turnkey Services

Plan for establishing a leadership position as the preferred service provider to the textile manufacturing SME sector Unit level Automation plan: Provide automation to the textile processing factory (mills). Overcome challenge of data input at individual process and sub-process level. Provide automation to the weaving sector. Provide automation to the QC, packing and export sector. Provide automation to the special segments like embroidery, dyeing, etc. Iterate above to improve and incorporate changes to the factory. Goals: Should have a visible impact on process progress, thereby Continue reading →

Qualisoft VTS

Qualisoft VTS – is an active vehicle tracking system using OBD II devices on the vehicle connected to central systems via Cellular network. The OBD devices collect all GPRS co-ordinates at almost real-time speed and store as well as transmit the data to the central cloud based system. The OBD Devices also transmit important details like driving behavior , mileage , fuel efficiency , ignition halts etc. The OBD devices can also be configured to connect to support / help desk systems with one touch by Continue reading →

Qualisoft SAP Support Services

At present, Qualisoft is only providing post-implementation support to existing SAP customers with the focus being on cost-competitive support. Our Post SAP Implementation Support helps customers Enhance existing functionality Transfer daily management responsibilities Improve effectiveness and efficiency in operations. With our Post SAP Implementation Support Services our customers are offered 24/7 trouble-shooting support Enhancing existing configurations Upgrades and Maintenance Migration to new releases Employee knowledge transfer Qualisoft is well equipped to support our customers through different points of the SAP life cycle. We bring years of experience and Continue reading →

Qualisoft Software Engineering Services

Qualisoft Software Engineering Services (QOSE) is a mature concept to delivery platform for integrated development of the product. At present COSE is working on ERP based solutions and product development through a staged growth from small to medium to enterprise scale product development and simultaneous implementation.