Qualisoft is working with SMEs, a segment that is itself occupying a very challenging place in industry. Price competitiveness mandated by external constraints and our commitment to excellence in services places a double load on our margins and profitability.

Qualisoft is however committed to social responsibility, extending from RDC and in turn aligns with RDC initiatives in the social sector. Specifically, Qualisoft works with M1LE Jobs, an initiative to create over 1 lakh jobs for Young Adults and the ngo.in3ator.com an initiative to provide http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/sleeping-aids/ enabled services to NGOs at rates affordable for that segment.

As its contribution to M1LE Jobs, Qualisoft intends to be directly instrumental in absorbing 10,000 staff directly and through its enabled partners, over the next 3 years, creating jobs while meeting SME requirements in IT and Automation.

As its contribution to ngo.in3ator.com, Qualisoft provides its team to actively contribute to technical challenges, supporting the team working on the same.