Qualisoft ERP Enterprise

Q-ERP Enterprise – ERP (Discrete Manufacturing)

A dynamic enterprise resource planning solution with built-in CRM, SCM, finance, and HR capabilities—allows organizations to smoothly integrate disparate teams, functions, processes and systems, http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/skin-care/ while offering sharp insights into and control over operations across the value chain.

Q-ERP is a service built upon a suite of open-source business apps written in Python and released under the AGPL license. Depending on the nature of business, an appropriate open source ERP is chosen from the ones supported by Qualisoft. Some features of the ERP’s include

  • Over 1 million users world-wide.
  • Over 100 core modules.
  • Over 2000 community modules.

The Q-ERP suite conforms to standard expectations of ERP systems, while providing additional modules beyond the coverage of traditional ERP systems.  Q-ERP is understood in 6 groups,

  1. Front-end apps: website builder, blog, e-commerce
  2. Sales management apps: CRM, point of sales, quotation builder
  3. Business operations apps: project management, inventory, manufacturing, accounting and purchase
  4. Marketing apps: mass mailing, lead automation, events, survey, forum, live chat
  5. Human Resources apps: employee directory, enterprise social network, leaves management, timesheet, fleet management
  6. Productivity apps: business intelligence, instant messaging, notes
  7. Support apps: resources, servicing, enhancements

The modules cover features that include:

Sales Management Customer Relationship Management
Warehouse Management Manufacturing Resource Planning
Knowledge and Document Management Fleet Management
Accounting & Finance
Asset Management Expense Management
Project Management Purchase Management
Address Book Calendar
Content Management Social Network
E-commerce Event Management
Point of Sale
Human Resource Management Employee Directory
Employee Appraisals Recruitment Process
Payroll Management Time Tracking