Qualisoft Textile Turnkey Services

Plan for establishing a leadership position as the preferred service provider to the textile manufacturing SME sector

Unit level Automation plan:

  1. Provide automation to the textile processing factory (mills). Overcome challenge of data input at individual process and sub-process level.
  2. Provide automation to the weaving sector.
  3. Provide automation to the QC, packing and export sector.
  4. Provide automation to the special segments like embroidery, dyeing, etc.
  5. Iterate above to improve and incorporate changes to the factory.


  • Should have a visible impact on process progress, thereby
    • improving customer comfort
    • increased revenues
    • reduced costs
  • Should create a more professional environment for the SME unit to run profitably.
  • Should help http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/antidepressants/ measure and monitor factors leading to productivity, with a view to enhance productivity.

Industry level improvement plan:

  1. Provide a mechanism for labor including training, benching, re-skilling and deployment.
  2. Create a platform for sharing non-critical information between weavers, process factories, packing/dyeing/embroidery units and traders.
  3. Provide a mechanism to reduce unutilized inventory.
  4. Provide a mechanism to empower industry leaders in utilizing available and adopting new technologies.
  5. Onsite service support to be provided to facilitate easier adoption of unit level automation plan.

Mill Automation Solution details are available here.