Qualisoft VTS

Qualisoft VTS – is an active vehicle tracking system using OBD II devices on the vehicle connected to central systems via Cellular network. The OBD devices collect all GPRS co-ordinates at almost real-time speed and store as well as transmit the data to the central cloud based system. The OBD Devices also transmit important details like driving behavior , mileage , fuel efficiency , ignition halts etc. The OBD devices can also be configured to connect to support / help desk systems with one touch by drivers.

 The data collected is then available for operational and management team to analyse drivers behavior , track real time vehicle location ,  create different periodic reports from the data collected at real-time for business analysis. The monitoring and central dashboard including reporting system is cloud based scalable system.

 Typical uses

  1. Fleet Management
  2. Efficient Schedule management
  3. Use closest vehicle for next operations
  4. Tracking Packages and calculating ETA
  5. Monitoring real time vehicles positions and stoppages
  6. Efficient to the point breakdown
  7. Reduce accidents by real time monitoring and analyzing past driver behaviors
  8. Mileage – Efficient Fuel usage
  9. and much more …..

 Main Components / Sub Systems

  • OBD device which is configurable using special access tools for integration with central system as well as help desk phone numbers etc. this is tamper proof at the driver end.
  • Data collection repository is cloud based scalable system to collect , store and crunch real-time data collected from the OBD devices.
  • Central monitoring system is cloud based tracking and monitoring system to monitor and do real time communication with field teams. Provide on spot breakdown services. Track driving behaviors as well as unwarranted stoppage and ideal time.
  • Alerting System – This help set alerts which can be communicated to the central system for rash driving , route diversion and other abnormal behaviors.
  • Mobile App – There is a mobile interface provided through and android app to monitor and receive alerts on the move.


  • Theft protection
  • Vehicle or complete Fleet
  • Central  locking/ remote vehicle lock/ unlock feature
  • Plug n Play
  • Real time alerts
  • MIS Reports
  • Location accuracy
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • Sensors
  • Rich web based application that is easy to use
  • Speed management
  • Get unlimited notifications on any smart device
  • Immobilizer for vehicles